Camouflaged House in Caledon by Ian MacDonald Architect

Sometimes we feel so tired of all that surrounds us and we have the feeling that everybody becomes annoying. We try to escape all these stressful things and search for a hiding and peaceful place where we can recharge our batteries again and find our inner peace. It should be a quiet, warm and comfortable place.

Maybe Ian MacDonald Architect has a solution. It designed a camouflaged house in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. It is a strange shaped building which looks more like a military, spy base.It is built at the level of the ground, with a grass, covered roof. It is situated near a lake which will offer you wonderful, relaxing views and its interior design is based on simplicity, practicality and comfort.

The bedroom has a simple design and wood seems to be the main material used for all the pieces of furniture. The same thing happens with the design of the bathroom which abounds in simplicity and beauty and wood is also the main ingredient for the furniture.

The outdoor furniture is simple and it is used the neutral grey color.The glass walls will provide more natural light inside and will amplify the idea of space and light.

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