Bryan Cranston’s Sustainable Beach Retreat Adorns The Shore With Its Exquisite Design

Could you imagine Walter White living in a beach house like this? Probably not, since he never really got the chance to put his money to good use. However, the actor who plays him in Breaking Bad did. Three Palms is the eco-friendly beach retreat where Bryan Cranston and his family get to spend their vacations and summers.

The building is Platinum LEED certified and the first passive house design in Ventura county. Those of you who are curious can find it just outside Los Angeles. It was designed by Allen Associates in collaboration with Turturro Design Studio. The house has photovoltaic and water heating solar panels, a rain water collecting system as well as a variety of other eco-friendly features. The whole placed is illuminated by LED lighting and Energy Star appliances take center stage in the kitchen.

The bedrooms have large windows and, while they’re not particularly spacious, they share in common a relaxing and serene décor.

The imposing house offers exquisite views which can be admired from almost every room. The living area and the kitchen form an open floor plan with access to a spacious balcony and an outdoor dining area.One of the bedrooms features a Murphy bed which disappears into the wall, leaving a sofa in its place.If Heisenberg would have planned everything differently, this would be his new home.

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