Bringing Architecture To The Next Level: 18.36.54 House By Daniel Libeskind

The world of architecture and design is constantly changing, from year to year.  It’s not easy to come with something new in these fields. People tend to be reluctant if they are not used with a certain shape or structure.  This is the kind of house that makes you wonder how far architecture can get.

Not only it has an unconventional shape, this residence also has a weird name (18. 36. 54), but once you read more about this project, everything is getting clearer. These numbers are not randomly selected, they  have a meaning. According to Daniel Libeskind, the name of this 2,000 square-foot home derives from the 18 planes, 36 points, and 54 lines of the spiraling ribbon which defines its living spaces.

The interior structure of this twisted house is far more spectacular than you could ever imagine. The various height of the floor is the only way in which the rooms are somehow separated. The house has no doors (on the inside), but has beautiful angled walls and ceilings that ensure privacy and comfort. The built-in furniture with abstract shapes adds a sophisticated touch and reminds me about the art of folding paper(origami).

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The irregular shape of the house and furniture is highlighted by under furniture lighting. The fact that the interior is almost entirely build of wood (except the concrete floor) gives you a warm, cozy feeling and creates a connection between you, this house and nature. A home like this one will make you feel free even though you’re inside, away from the wind and sunlight. Huge windows bring natural light inside. The living room view is a great inspiration for a dreamy afternoon.

The stainless-steel exterior turns this house into a huge mirror that reflects the surroundings. This and the ambitious shape of the house creates a dramatic view that is hard to forget.



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