Bright three story residence in Filothei by Gem Architects

This beautiful house is located in Filothei a region of Athens, Greece. It’s a lovely three story residence that was designed by Gem Architects, more specifically by a design team composed of Gounaropoulou Despina, Emmanouilidou Vicky and Bazos Petros. Gemarcon Constructions took care of the construction and Greenways Landscape Architecture made the exterior of the house and the surrounding landscape look as amazing as you see it in the pictures.

The residence is a three-story building with beautiful covered terraces and a contemporary design. The building is carved in several places and has a geometrical design. The carvings also provide lots of shadow on the building and this also contributes o the overall contrasting look.The effect the shadows have on the building is actually a traditional element of the Hellenic architecture.

There’s a constant combination of light and darkness, of solid and void and the result is both beautiful and surprising. The materials also contribute to the final effect. The architects used black lava stone that further intensifies the shadows and their effect. They also used natural sand textured stucco and wood plank cast concrete over the entire surface of the building. The final result was a beautiful, modern and very friendly residence. The roof gardens are just what the house needed to feel complete. This way the contrast extends to natural vs artificial, not only bright vs dark.{found on archdaily}

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