Bright summer house in Hungary

This lovely summer house is located in Balatonakarattya, Hungary and it really captures the essence of this type of structures. A summer house needs to feel light, bright, airy and refreshing. This house does that perfectly. Built in 2010, the house was designed by Tamas Bulcsu + Eva Fortvingler.

It features a crisp white exterior and a very nice structure that balances indoor and outdoor spaces. It’s located in a calm and peaceful area, the perfect environment for relaxation. The house features a semi atrium system that opens the indoor areas to the outdoors. The interior spaces open onto the garden and the backyard and the transition is seamless and very smooth. This indoor-outdoor connection is critical for summer houses. Since they are mostly used during summer when the weather is friendly and beautiful, the users need to be able to enjoy it instead of being trapped inside the house.

The architects opted for a U-shaped structure. The volume of the house and the shape of the roof were dictated by the building regulations from the area. The exterior is entirely white and it looks beautiful against the green grass surrounding the house. The interior design is also very bright. It includes white walls and wooden floors as well as a simple and airy décor. The interior and exterior designs are actually very similar and the result is a homogenous and cohesive structure.{found on archdaily}.

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