Bright And Transparent House Perched On A Small Site Over The Ocean

This stunning house was built in 2012 in Sydney, Australia. It was designed and built by Rolf Ockert Design for a client that wanted a place where every day would feel like a holiday. The site on which the house is situated is small and surrounded by neighboring buildings. However, it’s perched high over the Pacific Ocean and this allows it to offer stunning and panoramic views.

Even though the site is tiny and has buildings around it, the house feels like there’s nothing there but the sky and the ocean. It’s a feeling given by the design and the openness of the structure. When designing the house, the architects were restricted by the conditions on the site.

First of all, the proximity to the neighboring properties was not a plus. Also, it was difficult to get light inside the house. Both problems were dealt with.Since there was no space available on either side of the property, the architects turned their attention to the height of the building.

They designed a tall structure with a beautiful terrace from where the views can be admired. Given the fact that the site was chosen for the views, they also had to make sure they can be admired from any area of the house.

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The glass walls and the open interior floor plan allows for uninterrupted views to be admired. Also, they let light get inside, making the room feel bright and inviting. The house is oriented towards the East so it benefits from beautiful ocean views as well from a constant ocean breeze that regulates the ventilation inside.



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