Breathtaking Views in Waikopua Bay

This next single-family residence was designed by Auckland-based practice Daniel Marshall Architects and was a finalist of the 2010 New Zealand’s HOME of the year. Located in Waikopua Bay on the Waikeke Island, 11 miles from Auckland, in New Zealand, this house is a lovely oasis.

Set in an idyllic private bay, the architects had to take into consideration the ridges on both sides of the building platform. The vision was to create a house like a family group camping site. A very important aspect was to allow enough space for the boats and water to move through the valley to the bay below.

The house was designed to blend in with the landscape and be empathetic to the fauna. The stone walls were sourced locally, the windows are tinted to limit reflection and the timber upper floor stained dark to blend into a bush behind. Moreover the house has soft, neutral tones that create the feeling of an airy space. The living space has a cosy fireplace as the focal point, the kitchen is equipped with multitasking, multifunctional stainless steel appliances and the bathroom has a lot of modern features.

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The Waikopua House is a beautiful residence set in a gorgeous landscape and benefits from stunning breathtaking views. It is a warm and welcoming place to land.



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