Bookshelves staircaise

I know the idea is not new and many designers have developed it into different projects, but when you do not have enough space for storing your books, your music CDs or even your collection of bottles of wine, you can store all these items and even more (I can think of it as a marvelous storing place for my collection of shoes that does not fit anywhere).

As you can see from the photos, the stairs are irregularly displayed in two rows, one for each foot. So you can step on one staircase and then alternately on the other and this movement will be natural , as they are at different levels. It is a perfect bookshelf or a shelf for any other items like CDs, DVDs, files with important documents or … shoe boxes. It all depends on your imagination and what you need to store.

Because your safety is very important, these bookshelf staircases have two nets on both sides which are secured to the wood and to the bars made of metal. You can walk up these stairs only to get to a suspended bookcase, which seems like a real adveenture to me, looking at it only in the pictures. However, it is an interesting and original concept and project.

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