Black Summer Cabin Into The Woods

I am one of those people who love nature. I like to camp, to sleep outside and to live as natural as possible, at least in my vacations. There are many people who say they love nature and they make themselves luxurious sophisticated house just in the middle of nature. That is something that I can’t really understand. If you love the nature’s simplicity, why are you searching for the comfort and luxury of civilization?

But if you are not really a tent lovers you can still feel free in nature. There are other ways. And the next example almost blew my mind. I would probably give up the tent for spending some time in this summer cabin designed by Imanna Arkitekter. It is so simple and yet comfortable! And the greatest part is that it doesn’t bother the environment at all. The cabin is made by wood, is not very large and it gathers four spaces. Three of them are facing different directions, while the fourth one is set in the middle. This way we can enjoy all the landscape from the inside.

To make the experience more extreme, the designed created some large glass entries which you can let closed or fully open. What I like the most is that the glass is reflexive, so your cabin is kind of camouflaged. The forest reflexes in the windows giving to the cabin an invisible effect.  The ceiling also has a glass part, allowing you to admire the stars by night. This way you can spend some memorable times in the forest, admiring the nature and feeling protected the same time.

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