Black Box Family Home On The Riverside Embraces Nature

It doesn’t look like a typical family home but don’t be fooled by that. This is in fact a wonderful home for its owners, three kids and their parents. The main idea behind the project was to offer the kids the perfect environment where they can grow, explore their surroundings and learn from their environment. The project was developed by Architecturefirm, a collaborative studio where architects and designers work together to find simple, beautiful and efficient solutions for each of their clients. Their goal is to allow people to fully enjoy and experience their surroundings.

The house doesn’t have a single large volume but several smaller onesThe box-like volumes are scattered on the site, looking natural and perfectly adaptedOne of the volumes doesn’t have windows but sliding doors open it to the surroundingsSlide the huge doors open and the whole space is revealed, becoming an extension of the surroundings

The black house is structured into three separate volumes and sits on a site surrounded by the forest in Scottsville, U.S., alongside the James River. It occupies an area of 2,200 square feet which is around 204 square meters. The architects organized it as a set of volumes arranged loosely on the site, scattered like rocks. Like organization allows the house to look pretty natural in its surroundings.

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The facades that face the valley and the river feature large windows that go up to the ceilingThe volumes are connected by common decks such as this oneThe entryway is a glass hallway between two volumes, nicely framed by the structures
The pathway is made of stone and has a random geometric pattern

The flagstone pathway serves as a sort of intermediary between the house’s volumes and their natural surroundings, in this case the forest soil and the earthy colors that envelop the landscape.

Sliding glass doors connect the interior living space to the open wooden deck

Wooden decks and terraces connect the three volumes and open the interior spaces to their surroundings, bringing the inhabitants closer to nature. As far as the interior design goes, the spaces are organized around a large and flexible gathering space at the hearth of the whole composition. This volume is flanked by the sleeping areas.

Glass panels open up the entryway to either side of the site, creating a panoramic viewThe social area is a cozy space with tones of beige and brown and comfortable armchairs

The central social space or family volume includes the dining area, the lounge space and an open kitchen. It’s where family members gather to send time together and to enjoy activities during the day. The quiet interior is closely connected to the outdoors by large sliding windows and doors that let the views in.

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The kitchen is an open space with dark wooden flooring and light-colored walls

The kids share a sleeping quarter furnished with bunk beds. This solution saves space and keeps the room nicely organized and airy, with enough room to move around. The top beds can be accessed via a ladder and the two sets mirror each other. A single vertical window bring in natural light during the day and offers a peaceful and pleasant view of the forest and the landscape.

Bunk beds maintain a space-efficient interior design in the kids’ bedroom



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