Belgian Warehouse Gets An Unconventional Makeover Using Shipping Containers

Located in Gheut, Belgium, this single-family home was built inside an old industrial building/warehouse. It was a project by NU Architectuuratelier and the house still features the original red brick facade and the industrial roof. The interior, however, has been renovated and reorganized. Now the house a concrete, wood and steel structure which houses three shipping containers. The containers each serve a different purpose.

At the entrance, the yellow container welcomes the guests and directs them into the living area. The two other containers form a self-container bed & breakfast. The interior of the house as a whole is brighter and more inviting than the facade suggests. The living room is spacious and features a bookshelf which also doubles as a staircase. The house also includes a guest room and a studio.

The use of shipping containers inside the home is rather unusual but these structures serve a variety of purposes. They provide storage, allow the space to be partitioned into different areas and, at the same time, they also help stabilize the old building. What’s nice is that the property also has a rear garden and the connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces is strong and refreshing, giving the house a welcoming and cozy allure.

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