Beaver Street Reprise in San Francisco is a Great Live/Work House Plan

We just finished mentioning how brilliant Craig Steely is with his Veldt Carr Apartment and now we are out to explore the designers very own home that also serves as his working place. He resides in San Francisco and his facility is dubbed the Beaver Street Reprise and this place is the work station for his painter wife too. They also have a growing son whose needs also were changing with time and hence the Beaver Street Reprise needed some rework. Therefore, the kitchen was relocated while the living room and the dining area were shifted to a new rooftop level atop the existing two-storey, wood-clad home. The new addition looks amazingly elegant and it features floor-to-ceiling windows. Also, it opens onto an outdoor living space with a sod roof and a south-facing outdoor deck. The workplace is located in the lower part of the house.



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