Beauty In Simplicity – A Small Contemporary Retreat In Rural Canada

Small rural areas have a lot of charm and can be viewed as ideal locations for holiday homes or even permanent residences. They have a certain authenticity that big tourist areas simply can’t offer. This is a project which takes advantage of that.

It’s a house situated in La Malbaie, Canada, on a fairly small site with a lovely view of a nearby river and a slope at the back. The house was designed and built here by studio Architecture49 using local resources. They completed the project in 2020 and the house ended up being a charming 220 square meter retreat.

The architects together with their clients agreed on a contemporary design approach for the house, one which contrasts with the rural setting but also complements it in a beautiful way. They were respectful of the environment and made sure to build the structure with minimal impact on the land. The house was placed high up leaning against the slope and there’s no basement level which meant no additional excavation had to be done in the process. At the front, the house gets to enjoy a view of the river while the back area is sheltered by the forest. 

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The overall shape and design of the building follow and mimic elements from the natural surroundings and the land. On the outside, even though the design is minimalist and contemporary, a nice connection is established between the house and the surroundings.

For the interior the designers chose a palette of neutral colors based mainly on shades of white, black and natural wood. This creates a wonderful feeling of comfort and tranquility throughout the entire place. The house is equipped with facilities such as a swimming pool, a sauna and a spa which are designed in a way that maintains the simplicity and authenticity of this beautiful rural setting. 



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