Beautoful Nevis Pool and Garden Pavilion by Robert M. Gurney

This beautiful pavilion is located just outside of Washington D.C. and it’s more than just an extension to the living and recreational areas. Called a pool and garden pavilion, this structure creates a connection between the nearby forest and the pool and its terrace. The site is very beautifully located. It has the forest on one side and beautiful gardens with tall areas surrounding it from every other angle.

This pavilion was designed by Robert M. Gurney. It’s situated close to the pool and it serves as an extension of the living and entertaining areas. It’s a multipurpose space that can be used as a semi-outdoor lounge area, a guest house or a private space. It features beautiful gardens on one side, the pool on the other and the forest behind it. The image is indeed unique. The pavilion is quite small and it looks like a miniature house.

It has a compact shape, both indoor and outdoor areas and a very beautiful stone fireplace. The shape of the pavilion places it somewhere in the area of contemporary architecture while the tall stone fireplace gives it a more traditional look. The interior of the pavilion is simple, modern and has a flexible décor. This allows it to be a multipurpose space and to be the perfect choice for a variety of activities.

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