Beautifully 150-year-old cabin in Ohio

This is a 150-year-old cabin located near Danville, Ohio. It’s a lovely lake retreat and it just got an update and a beautiful extension featuring a handcrafted timber frame. The owners decided to respect the cabin’s character and history and thus decided to opt for natural materials and to maintain a strong connection to tradition.

The extension was built using wooden beams that were cut by hand and joined together without using steel connectors. Instead, one of the oldest techniques was used: timber framing. It was a choice based on the beauty and elegance of the materials and the close connection to history and tradition that reflects the cabin’s past.

The extension was designed and built by OakBridge. They created this strong and durable addition with a beautiful design. It’s a two-story extension with an open floor plan and a very inviting interior.Inside, the extension features spacious rooms and living spaces. Since the exterior is covered in wood, the cabin needed some insulation.

The architects used structural insulated panels or SIPs consisting of foam and plywood panels that wrap the cabin and provide great insulation. The extension is in fact bigger than the original cabin. It’s a lovely summer retreat with beautiful views and a very unique old-school look. It’s a great place to spend the holidays and week-ends.

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