Beautiful Tuscan Villa in Dubai

If you go around the world you will be amazed by the multitude of things that you can admire and the various styles which are specific to each country you may visit. The architecture, traditions and customs are so different but they represent the emblem of a certain people that you will definitely recognize according to its specific features.

Thus although may seem strange, in Dubai there is a dream like Tuscan villa. The luxury property was designed by the Egyptian architect Muammed Taher who confessed that he chose this Italian style due to the inspiration from nature. The style seems to be inspired by the colors of nature.The result of this choice was the colored which were used for the façade and décor of the villa. Gold, yellow, dark green and sage, brown and ochre are some of the warm nuances used for this property.

The structure of the building, its exterior shows a classic style where symmetry and decorative items seem to be present all over the place. Still there can be noticed the oriental touch too if you look at the gorgeous terrace near the pool with its rattan furniture and the curtains that flow around it. It is a place that impress through its luxury items, extravagance and refinement. The columns, the beautiful pot flowers that appear outside or the Italian architectural style seem to make of this place an incredible oasis of calm and relaxation that remind you of the beautiful Italian areas full of history and relaxing views.

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