Beautiful Sunday House in Gwangiu by Studio Gaon

This captivating residence is located in Buk-gu, Gwangju, South Korea. It covers a surface of 49.23 square meters on a 550.0 square meter site and it was built in 2011. It was a project developed by Studio Gaon. The inspiration for the whole project came from the idea of Sunday. The client and the architects used to work together on Sundays and they agreed that this house should actually feel like a Sunday home, a place where every day is relaxing and beautiful.

The site had views of the mountains and the atmosphere there is very serene. It’s an area covered with and surrounded by rocks so it wasn’t a very friendly environment to build a home. However, the landscape is really beautiful and being able to admire it is unique. An old apricot tree was standing in the middle of the land and both the client and the architect decided it should be preserved and made a part of the design.

The client owned the land for more than 30 years but only recently decided it was finally time to build a house there. It was oriented towards the mountains so that it could take advantage of the views. It has large windows on all sides and the interior is a compact space connected to small outdoor decks. The outdoor area was decorated with rocks and a pine tree was added in the background. It’s a small but very charming house and it look like it belongs there.

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