Beautiful residence surrounded by nature in The Netherlands

This lovely residence is located in Heesch, The Netherlands. It sits quietly on a beautiful lot surrounded by trees, on the edge of a forest. The house was a project by Hilberink Bosch Architects and it was completed in 2009. The residence covers a total surface of 300 square meters. It has been designed as two separate volumes.The residence is L-shaped and consists of two balanced volumes that form together a sculpture that resembles a fallen tree on a pile of earth. The image is very beautiful especially considering the location. The L-shaped base includes the public areas of the house. The outside walls seem to protect this area making it seem mysterious and secretive. The exterior walls are made of long, dark bricks.

Even though the exterior of the residence is dark and mysterious, the interior is open and light. The different areas of the house are interconnected. For example, the living area is connected to the terrace, the garden and the forest. The entire house is filled with natural light that penetrates through the windows.

The basement of the residence houses a timber volume with the private areas of the house such as the bedrooms and the bathrooms. This is the volume that resembles a fallen tree. On one side this volume is connected to a glass structure featuring sturdy steel columns. The overall design of the house is modern and very interesting. The way the architects played with the materials, textures and forms to create this look is amazing.{found on archdaily and pics by René de Wit}.

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