Beautiful residence located on a 18 hectare site in Peachester

This beautiful residence is located on a 18 hectare site in Peachester, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland, Australia. It has been owned by the same family for almost 30 years and, little by little, the site was populated with inspiring structures. The residence, however, is a modern structure that was built in 2008. It was a project by Tim Stewart Architects.The farm that been developed into a small orchard over the years. The owners are preparing to retire and this can also been in the overall look of the farm.

The original house was subdivided and sold several years ago. Now it has become the center of the property once again. The site includes a large dam that used to provide water for the fruit trees and the vegetation surrounding the house. It was also a fun place for children.

Now the house is entered across a large dam fed pond to the outdoor room. It also benefits from beautiful views over the surrounding landscape. The rest of the residence is structured around the courtyard garden. This space is similar to the one that originally led the owners to create an orchard on the property. Now all that’s left is a garden. It’s a beautiful garden, with tomatoes, herbs and vegetables that also provides serene views from certain rooms of the house.

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The new house is also a lot more environmentally friendly that the original structure. It features low energy lighting, solar water heating, over 60.000 liters of water storage, not to mention that it was built using timber found on the site and from fire breaks cut through the bushland. The new house is a reflection of the old residence. Still, it’s a modern structure with a very different design. Nevertheless, it still carries some of the old features and the history of the farm.{found on archdaily and pics by Christopher Frederick Jones }.



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