Beautiful Residence in Aspen, Colorado With Awesome View by Studio B Architects

The house in this location captures the ideas of clients who love picturesque, colorful designs all in a revolutionary manner.The set-up is a 1965 design and the setting is in a steep, down-sloping site but the potential of being a photographic and a prime location does not deter these Miami and Aspen residents from seeing their dreams come true.

The final results are not disappointing none-the-less. One of these pieces of architectural wonders is the Scholl residence. It has a beautiful exterior where large windows open up for the light and views of nature of this mountainous location. The sand-blasted concrete walls, Zinc Panels and tempered glass railings give the impression of a beautiful and strong façade. And if you think the exterior is elegant, wait till you see the interior design of someone who was neither in a hurry nor under a tight budget.

The expensive darkened oak flooring invites hospitability. The expensive European cabinetry, Carrere marble and porcelain tile showers and restrooms make staying hygienically and clean a workable reality at the Scholl Residence.{ Studio B Architects }


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