Beautiful Residence Fit for a Poet – Molimer House

This exclusive design of Molimer House was finished by the architect Alberto Campo Baeza for a poet. The house that is mostly finished in white was built in Avda, Ilustracion, Zaragoza, Spain in the year 2008.

The architect chose to build a box-like house which is open to the sky. This beautiful house presents three floors, the highest for dreaming, the garden level for living and the deepest level for sleeping. As a house that was specially designed for a poet, the architect imagined the home as a place where the poet can be inspired to write and enjoy reading books. What’s more the highest level was designed rightly as a workplace with transparent glass for natural lighting from the north.

The garden is enclosed by concrete walls, an interior that ventures into the outdoor, blurring the line between the two. Light from the north pours through the glazed walls in the interior, reflecting from the white concrete floors and balancing on the “galeria white” walls. The color palette chosen gives this gorgeous house the feeling of a bright, airy, pure place.

The Molimer House is a place for dreaming, living and dying, the house of the poet. It truly is a wonderful place to create, to love and to feel.

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