Beautiful Marina + Beach Towers by Oppenheim

Summer is the most expected season which everybody is waiting for its wonderful hot days, many ways of spending the free time which they can enjoy in various places. One of these places is at the seaside. It is the perfect place for a summer holiday especially for those who are in love with sea and hot rays of sun.

The hot sandy beach and the cooling waves of the sea are things that can charm you in a minute besides the wonderful sunrises or sun sets that you can watch every morning or evening at the shore of the sea next to someone dear to you .

Oppenheim team was inspired and charmed by this magic landscape of the sea and its beauties and designed a wonderful building called Marina + Beach Towers.Actually, it is a building which consists of two towers which seem to take the shape of waves.

It is located in UAE, situated at the shore of the sea. This location offers it the opportunity to serve as a perfect place for exclusive yachts and beach clubs.

It is a wonderful building which seems also to be healthy for the environment as it produces its own energy using solar and wind arrays.

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