Beautiful Levels House in Argentina by BAK Architects

This beautiful and challenging house is located in Mar Azul, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. As you can see, the landscape is not very friendly in that area and most architects would give up and say it’s impossible to build a functional house there. However, BAK Architects managed to turn that rough piece of land into a very friendly and inviting home.

The area where the house as build in forested with a lot of pine trees, and they are not small either. So it wasn’t easy to find a piece of land large enough to accommodate a house. The owners didn’t want to tear down the trees, so instead they chose to incorporate them in the design. As you can see, two of the pine trees were incorporated in the deck, becoming part of the house.

The piece of land on which the Levels house was build also has a slope of about 3 meters. This was the main challenge when building this house.

The clients wanted a quiet retreat, a home with exposed concrete that they would be able to use during most of the year. They also wanted the house to have clearly defined structure and they’ve requested that the social and public areas of the house would be completely independent and separated from the private areas.

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