Beautiful Lake Cottage Surrounded By The Canadian wilderness

This modern cottage stands on the edge of a beautiful and quiet bay, surrounded by nature and tranquility. It’s located in Bancroft, Canada and has a perfect view of the Missisauga Lake. It was a project completed in 2020 by the architects at studio Tillmann Ruth Robinson. The owners are a young family who wanted this to be a place of refuge, a retreat for them and their friends and relatives. To reach the house one has to come up a gravel road through the trees. The view and the ambiance are very refreshing and enjoyable.

The house itself has an L-shaped floor plan and it’s easy to distinguish between two main volumes. One is a horizontal area with only one floor. This is where the common spaces are situated like the living room and open concept kitchen. It’s a great place to spend time in as a family or to entertain guests. The other volume is a vertical section which intersect the other one and adds two more floors to it. This is where the private areas of the house are gathered. 

The two volumes are linked together by a glazed hallway which makes them feel like a whole but also creates a clear distinction between them. The private vs public separation is both practical and architecturally interesting. There’s also a visual distinction between these volumes on the outside reflected in a gray finish used for the private wing and a natural wood one for the public one. Stone is the material that links them together and crate a harmonious and cohesive look throughout the entire house. 

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This is a cottage-inspired house but with a modern twist. The materials used in this design are simple which helps to make it look at home in this beautiful natural setting. It’s warm and welcoming without adopting a rustic style and that gives it lots of character.  Photographs: Jeanie Tam



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