Beautiful Indian Retreat by Mancini Enterprise

Mancini Enterprise designed a gorgeous retreat that will leave you speechless. Located in Sikkim, India, this superb residence is ready for its final curtain call. This alluring house is the best place to pass time, relaxing, with family and friends.

This lovely retreat consists of a 4000sqm compound that is being turned into an interior world of three houses, swimming pool with pavillion, small forest, rocks and suspended gardens. Everything was created to provide stunning views of the nearby holy mountain and yet allowing privacy in its different indoor and outdoor spaces.

The unique building draw on a traditional construction technique combined with large roof-overhangs and high thermal mass thus ensuring cool interior in the hot climate of the south Indian countryside. The architects had all architectural and interior elements custom designed by local craftsmen. Furthermore they wanted to ensure environmental sustainability, so their infrastructural elements depend on technology.

This beautiful retreat has a lot to offer. It presents large, airy rooms with contemporary, minimalist furnishings and floor to ceiling windows that bathe the place in natural light. What’s more, all of this is topped by a sunken garden around a deep well and a savana. What do you think?

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