Beautiful Houses That Give Metal Siding A Fair Chance To Look Spectacular

Not many houses out there are clad in metal panels so that that are stand out quite a bit. They also have a distinctive look and in many cases an industrial aesthetic. Of course, each project is different so even though the following are all metal siding houses they’re each unique and special in their own way. In some cases the use of metal around the exterior is very obvious while in others it’s a bit more inconspicuous. There are also variations like weathering steel which can add a lot of character to a house. 

Pavilion house in Bellbrae, Australia

metal siding house

This is a project completed by studio Wiesebrock Architecture in Bellbrae, Australia. It consists of two separate pavilions connected by a shared outdoor deck in the middle. Both pavilions have similar designs and dimensions, with a classic gable roof and a clean overall aesthetic.

What definitely stands out however is the fact that they both have corrugated metal siding. This gives them a strong industrial aesthetic and also means that over time the panels will start to change color and will get a dull and matte finish. That means the house will transform over time, gaining more character and blending in more easily as the time passes. 

Black metal addition to an Australian home

A beautiful home in Australia got a remodel which also brought with it an addition. However, the front of the existing house was kept perfectly intact, preserving its original charm to this day. The new section was built at the back and has a very different aesthetic, featuring a clean and minimalistic aesthetic.

The whole exterior is clad in black metal siding, in contrast with the bright and airy interior and the greenery surrounding it on the outside. Big windows and openings break the simplicity of the exterior and add a nice layer to the design. This wonderful project was completed by Studiofour.

Lakeside home on a steep site in New Zealand

This gorgeous home from Queenstown, New Zealand enjoys a really amazing view of Lake Wakatipu. It was built by Condon Scott Architects on a very steep site which made this project quite challenging but also meant the rewards were really cool.

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One of the main objectives of this project apart from capitalizing on the views was to give the house an exterior that compliments the surroundings and allows a protected outdoor area to be created. There were also height restrictions to take into consideration. The architects ended up cladding the house in black metal and wood which suit its contemporary aesthetic and create a complimentary design. 

A little writer’s studio wrapped in metal

This charming writer’s studio was designed and built by New Frontier Tiny Homes for Cornelia Funke and has a lot of character. Its small size definitely makes it quite special and unusual but it’s not just that.

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The design is very interesting as well, especially the weathered metal panels used for the exterior. The panels are placed vertically on onside and horizontally on the other, adding yet another interesting detail to the design. The wooden trim and cantilevered deck and pergola are made of cedar and allow the warm and cozy interior to leak a bit outside. 

A lovely mountain home clad in metal and stucco

Mountain homes and especially cabins are almost always clad in wood or built out of logs. This one however is not. This mountain retreat from Aspen in the US definitely has lots of character. It was designed and built by studio Rowland+Broughton Architecture.

The exterior of the building is covered in metal siding with a beautiful champagne-colored finish. This softens the look and adds a warm as well as timeless touch to the design as a whole. Large glass surfaces open up the interior living areas and let in the magnificent views of the mountains and all the landscape unfolding around the house. 

Corrugated metal cottage extension 

A 19th century cottage in Cotswolds, UK got a new extension and it looks wonderful. The existing cottage is built out of stone and has a traditional gable roof and a typical design for the era. The extension mimics some of those design elements, featuring a very similar roof and also similar proportions but unlike the cottage it’s been clad in corrugated metal panels.

This was a project done by studio Eastabrook Architects. The entire structure is clad in metal, taking inspiration from traditional sheds and other similar structures in the area. One of the main reasons for using this particular material was a desire to minimize the visual impact of the new addition on the surroundings. 

A folded metal house in Melbourne

Another really cool project that makes use of corrugated metal panels is this rather unusual house from Melbourne. It was designed by studio Tandem and it has a less than traditional aesthetic.

What immediately stands out is the fact that the facades curve and give the building an undulating look, with rounded corners and an asymmetrical overall shape. It’s also interesting that the house is clad in folded metal panels which helps it stand out even more. All of these details came in response to the irregular shape of the site and a desire to optimize all the space available. 

A new food market covered in rusted steel panels

This is a building that you can come across in Malmö, Sweden. It’s a new extension that’s been added to a dilapidated freight depot and which has been converted into a food market. This was a project by studio Wingårdh.

The extension was added to an old building with an exposed brick exterior and the designers took inspiration in its form and style but took an entirely new approach. For one, they used Corten steel panels for the exterior and they left part of the building open and exposed. It mimics the gable roof of the original building and has similar proportions but it has an entirely new vibe. 

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An island retreat with a minimalist metal skin

From a distance it’s easy to notice the similarities between this holiday home and certain traditional structures such as sheds and barns. It definitely has that sort of classic and timeless look, with the gable roof and flat walls.

As you get closer however a modern-industrial style starts to form, mainly defined by the corrugated metal classic that covers the entire exterior of the building. This holiday home was a project by studio Rural Design. it sits on a steep hillside on the tip of Scottland’s Isle of Skye and it’s intended to serve as a year-round rental home. The corrugated metal was chosen for its reduced cost and overall practicality but it also definitely gives the house a very interesting look at the same time. 

A futuristic metal cabin in Australia

It’s not every day you see a cabin that isn’t built out of wood or that doesn’t have a classic gable roof design. This one is quite special in both those ways and on top of that it has a really unusual shape which gives it a fairly futuristic look.

This pill-shaped cabin is located in Barragorang Valley and was designed by studio Benn + Penna. It’s meant to serve as an addition to an existing weekend retreat which is entirely off the grid. There’s three structures here in total. The two existing pavilions were built in 1993 and contain the original sleeping and living areas while this new addition clad in corrugated metal adds a reading room with a small covered veranda. 

A boxy metal house raised on silts

Certain restrictions such as a lack of space for example can make it quite challenging to build one’s dream home on a small plot but at the same time it gives architects a reason to be really creative and to come up with unique solutions and designs. For instance, this is The Lookout, a compact house built by studio Hybrid in Seattle.

It occupies the last remaining spot on a densely popular site, with three other connected townhouses taking up the rest of it. Because they had to work with such a small and narrow piece of land, there was no way to have a house built here and a parking area for it as well so the architects decided to lift it off the ground and to build it on stilts so they could place a parking area underneath. They chose white metal siding for the exterior and a very clean and minimalistic geometry for the building. 



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