Beautiful, Green Houses: Of All Shades

We’re always so focused on the interior of our homes that we forget there’s an exterior that needs to be paid attention to too! It’s all in the details, from the colors to the shudders to the trimmed bushes around the back patio. And today, we’re showing off the best of the best in green. Green is the color of life and nature, it breathes health and vibrancy into any space but it also stands out among the rest of the houses in the neighborhood when used on the outside. Take a peek at some of these beautiful, green houses of all shades and styles!

1. Olive Secrets.

This small and cottage-esque house looks beautiful and subtle in this rich shade of olive. We love it’s smooth lines and how it blends it with its natural surroundings.

2. Seafoam Sun.

Such a standout in build and in color, this house is perfect for a family with a personality. It’s so vibrant and lush in the daytime and when paired with charcoal accents it’s uber stylish too.

3. Forest Traditional.

If you have a more traditional home but you want to put just a bit of a twist on the space, try a darker green. Dressed with cranberry or black shudders, it’s fashionable but still very welcoming and homey.

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4. Sage Embrace.

Create a clean palette by covered the entire house in the most perfect green shade. Like this sage color for example, smooths over well with a house without a lot of exterior details.

5. Lime Light.

Who knew lime green could look so incredible? Adorning the right house, this light and bright color can really transform the entire look and feel.

6. Pine Contrast.

A bit of contrast brings music and texture to the eyes. And a dark, pine green accented by stark white details will always work.

7. Hunter Hideaway.

We know darker shades are more traditional, but make sure it’s the right one. Only use the darkest colors on larger homes, like this beautiful hideaway.

8. Pistachio Hush.

The light and delicate nature of this pistachio shade is beautiful, classy and sophisticated. It also enhancing the natural personality of the house.

9. Grass Stories.

We love how this two-story beauty stands out among the rest of the area. It’s a refreshing green that doesn’t dull out the scenery, but instead brightens!

10. Ombre Greens.

Then there’s a house like this that wows you. If you can do it, why not? It’s quite magical and definitely makes a statement.

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