Beautiful fish pool in Postojna, Slovenia

The fish pool is made by the Studio Stratum, Polona Filipič, Peter Šenk. The fish tank is located in PostojnaCave, a cave that is located in Postojna, Slovenia. Because the cave attracts so many visitors, more than 5000 per day, it was a good idea to freshen up the visitors eye with something else than the beautiful cave.

The fish pool is situated where people could walk by and admire the fish pool. The pool is made for human fishes, and it simulates the caves walls. The pool is great pit stop in visiting the Postojna Cave. The front of the aquarium functions as an attention for the public eye, and the rest of the glasses that are bigger can let many people at once admire the interior of the aquarium.

The foundation of the aquarium is made from concrete and the framework is made from stainless steel structurally separated from the aquarium and laden with fiber cement panels and a sheet metal lattice roof that lets dripping water through.

The glass fish tank is strengthened with concrete walls, which is making the fish tank look more like a mini penthouse for the fishes. The tank was designed by an aquarium expert and a biologist, observing strict conditions set by the Institute for Nature Conservation and the Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia. The tank is a great way to relax the people and attract more people to the Postojna Cave.{found on archdaily and pics by Miran Kambič}.

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