Beautiful contemporary residence located in Setagaya,Tokyo

This is the Taishido House. It’s a very beautiful contemporary residence located in Setagaya, in Tokyo. The house was a project by Akira Koyama.The total floor area occupies 148.24 square meters. The construction of the residence was completed in 2010.

The Taishido house is located in the densely populated Taishido district, west of Tokyo from where it also gets its name. The clients are a young family that wanted a home for them and their pet car. The car is in this case like a member of the family so it obviously needed a room of its own. As a result, the house includes a garage that has been painted bright pink. It’s a very contrasting image when compared with the grey stucco façade.

The grey was not the clients’ first choice but it was a compulsory color in the area. The residence has an asymmetrical design which only makes it even more eye-catching and beautiful. It’s a contemporary structure with a complex and beautiful interior. The interior is divided into rooms of various sizes that are divided over three floors. The family also has a pet cat. That’s why the architects also had to built a series of steps for the cat where it can freely move between the room. This indeed is a house for the whole family.{found on archdaily}

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