Beautiful Contemporary House by E. Cobb Architects

Completed in 2010 by E. Cobb Architects, a Seattle-based firm, this next stunning contemporary residence in Mercer Island, Washington is known as the Graham House.

This house has a lot of advantages, one of them and probably an important one is that it is siting near water so you can enjoy breathtaking views. Also the floor to ceiling windows allow a lot of natural light in. Another very important aspect is that the architects chose to create an open floor plan that gives it a clean and airy look.

The Graham Residence is very modern, it has a gorgeous fireplace, a multifunctional kitchen equipped with stainless steel appliances and interesting light fixtures. The rooms have bright colors combined with some darker ones which give it the perfect balance. Moreover you can see a beautiful children’s room that has a study area, stunning views and bright colors, everything your child needs in order to arouse his creativity. The bathroom looks just like a spa, with colorful tile and modern furniture.

Your home should be your palace and this is valid for this house. this residence is a majestical property, it is hip, chic and also a warm and welcoming place to land. Clean lines, open spaces and beautiful minimalist interiors make the Graham House a wonderful dream home.

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