Beautiful Contemporary Home in Venice Beach, California

I have never seen this house but I have fallen in love with it. When I grow up, this is the place I’d like to be going home every evening after work because I already have a strong feeling that I will never get tired of it. From my research, this graceful home in Venice Beach, California does not make use of a single architectural design- it’s an amalgamation of ideas from different people, designs and cultures.

Thus when Lewin Wertheimer, its chief architect, sent down to work, he utilized Japanese, Mediterranean and Californian architecture so that if you are the kind of person who boost of international connections, all your guests will feel at home in this luxurious beach home.


Here are the statistics: over three thousand square feet, enough garage-room for two vehicles, two bedrooms, a guest studio and don’t read me wrong here-all its rooms are designed in the letter ‘L’ to apparently create a ‘3D harmony of form and proportion’ { Lewin Wertheimer }


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