Beautiful Cloud House in Melbourne, Australia

You already got a glimpse at several unusual residences designed by McBride Charles Ryan. Here’s another one, just as eye-catching and unique as the rest of them. This is the Cloud House and it’s located in Melbourne, Australia. It’s actually an extension for an Edwardian House tat already underwent several transformations throughout its existence.

The Cloud House was designed in three parts. The street façade of the house has been preserved. This way it shows the evolution of the house and it’s a testimony of its history. To differentiate the already existent spaces from those newly added, the areas that were part of the original structures are painted white and have floral carpets. Then, as you advance, you reach a red box-like structure. It’s situated in the center of the house and it includes the kitchen. This area also serves as a connection space between the major areas of the house.

The third part and the most impressive element is the cloud-shaped addition. It features curved lines and a futuristic and friendly look. This area is a space designed for family activities, dinners and relaxation. It has glass exterior walls that allow panoramic and unobstructed views of the surroundings and also has a dramatic look. The Cloud House is a highly original structure with a contemporary look and an ingenious design.

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