Beautiful beach house with an unusual roof

Beach houses are always interesting and beautiful. Their proximity to the sea or ocean makes them amazing regardless of the design or look. But when the house is as beautiful as the surrounding landscape, the image is twice as incredible. So here’s an example that reflect exactly this idea.

The Altamira Residence is a beautiful construction located on the coastal edge of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. It’s a very impressive structure, as it covers 15.500 sq, ft. and it’s placed on a 20 acre site. But the dimensions are not the only impressive thing about this mansion. It also has a very beautiful design, with many windows and a modern structure that allows the users to have different views on the incredible landscape. You can admire the Pacific ocean from your bed, how cool is that?

Another interesting detail is the roof of this house. It has an unusual shape that reproduces the undulations of the waves, which gives a very nice look to the whole structure. The roof has natural lines and a beautiful curved shape. This impressive construction includes the main house, study, guest house and the garage. It has everything one needs in terms of utilities and more than that, it’s located in a very beautiful and incredible area, very close to the ocean. It’s the perfect holyday house.

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