Beautiful and modern residence in Valle de Bravo in Mexico

This is Casa la Roca, an unusual but very beautiful residence located in Valle de Bravo in Mexico. The residence was designed by Parque Humano and it covers a total area of 450 square meters. The construction process was completed in 2011 and the project team that made it happen was composed of Jorge Covarrubias + Benjamín González Henze, Omar Martinez, Juan Jose Barrios and Mercedes Escudero.

The plot on which the residence sits has a triangular shape and this would make it difficult if it was a regular home but in this case the architects decided to take advantage of that and came up with a really interesting design. The residence also has a very interesting structure that allows direct connections between interior and exterior spaces.

The residence has asymmetric walls and it offers beautiful views of Cerro Gordo´s Natural Reserve. The house features two separate volumes that are delimitated by a garden and connected by a bridge. The ground level includes the living and dining areas as well as the kitchen.

This level has huge floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The bedrooms are on the second level and there’s also a volume that includes a working studio. It’s very interesting how all the interior and exterior spaces are linked together. The space is very dynamic and the architecture of the house is perfect for this purpose.{found on archdaily and pics by Paul Rivera

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