Beautiful and Green Icelandic Turf Houses

The Icelandic turf houses catch our attention with the rooftops and skyscraper gardens.The green houses are built into nature and are awesome.Something like this you can not see everywhere!

“The Icelandic turf house was the product of a difficult climate, offering superior insulation compared to buildings solely made of wood or stone. And the relative difficulty in obtaining other construction materials in sufficient quantities.” Ok, I got that part – that was the best solution for insulation and also the cheapest one, but now we are living in a different century! I mean when I saw this house I almost felt like inside the movie “Lord of the rings” with those two elves or whatever the were living in a totally similar house. But I guess tradition is very strong over there and why shouldn’t it be since it can offer people the best solution for a problem which is centuries long?


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