Beautiful Aldrich Residence in Perth, Australia

The Aldrich Residence is a gorgeous house located in Perth, Western Australia. Designed by EnterProjects, this lovely home has derived as an extension of the landscape, a landscape that opens onto the waterfront.

Nestled between the landscape and under the fluidity of the roof, this house is a sanctuary to retreat to. It house three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living rooms, that will leave you speechless. The roof was digitally conceived and allows space within the house to compress and expand as it collects light and exposes views. The architects focused their design on the juxtaposition between natural and digital and the result is an amazing building with patterns and rhythm.

This chic, modern house presents clean lines that show off all the elements. The soft, neutral tones create the feeling of a light, airy space. What’s more it is completed by the contemporary furnishings and state of the art stainless steel appliances. All of the beautiful features, such as the lighting fixtures or the white furnishings are set off by the dark tones of the floors. Also, the mirrors create the feeling of a bigger and brighter place.

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The Aldrich Residence is a lovely contemporary house that has a lot to offer. It is a warm and welcoming place to land, a home that exposes beauty and the lyrical nature of the context.



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