Beach houses by Marcus O’Reilly

The Markus O’ Reilly architects are among the best possible ones to design beach houses in Sorrento located at the Victoria’s Morrington Peninsula situated in Australia. The outstanding timbered structure represents the tradition of beach house in the respective area.


Galvanized steel balustrades leads to the staircase up to the entry of the house. The exquisite living accommodations remind that the beaches are not only for vacations or holiday destinations; they offer probably the best locations one can ever dig his roots into to settle.



The Marcus O’ Reilly architects demonstrate a strong commitment to a truly good well constructed design. The following expertises are in generally offered by the respective architects:

a) Costing based on realistic grounds.

b) Thorough knowledge of the approval of planning procedures.

c) Ensuring projects to attain completion within the budget targeted.

d) Proper understanding and implementation of construction techniques and methodologies.


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