Beach house in the middle of a tall forest

When picturing a beach house you usually assume it’s situated somewhere close to the beach, where you can see and admire the water and the sand. In this case you would be wrong. This beautiful contemporary summerhouse is situated in the middle of a forest that edges the road along the beach front. Building the house was a challenge because at first the site was almost entirely covered in mature trees. Most of them had to be removed in order to make room for the house but it was a sacrifice that the owners decided to live with.

The residence is separated into two volumes, for private and public spaces. The private area consists in bedrooms and a garage that are housed in two towers constructed as freshly sawn stumps of the trees that have been removed. The house has a compact look. However, it features an irregular design with interior spaces that seem to have been carved out of the freshly cut wood.

The two towers are connected by a public area. The overall design is minimalist and contemporary and so is the interior décor. The location is unusual but very beautiful. The house is surrounded by beautiful trees that have been preserved. Even though I love the trees, I have to say that they look a little creepy, especially during the night.{found on herbs architects}

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