BC House by GLR Arquitectos is a Sustainable Solution

It is always good to have the topographical advantage of height while raising a structure and the BC House by GLR Arquitectos is a good example. Because of the height, the BC House enjoys excellent outdoor vistas like surrounding parks and hills. The house intends to evoke an image of lightness within a language of heavy and massive volumes.

The house has used unusual materials like black granite and the white exposed concrete to present an attractive color scheme, which also involves a green roof. Talk about a sustainable solution and you get a  house which endorses diverse systems of isolation- double walls with poliisocianurate, an ecological insulator, double windows with low emissivity glass, systems of pluvial water harvesting and gray water treatment for irrigation, solar paddles for pool heating and garden illumination and solar water heaters. What more could you ask for in a structure that adores sustainable energy like none other.


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