Barn Design: More Spacious Than Any Other House

This Japanese astonishing design is surely something you do not see every day. The barn aspect that the constructors have given to this house makes it very special as the house revolutionizes the idea of empty spaces.Based on beams, natural light and reduced number of furniture pieces, this project couldn’t have been more successful that it already is. The main attraction of the house is an underground tunnel which leads to an astonishing view of the sea.

As concerning the furniture, the house compiles very well the basic principles of the Japanese principles: only the mandatory pieces of furniture, sliding doors and wooden accessories.

Basically, the whole idea of barn mixed with the principles of the Japanese decoration principles is something new in this industry, but, due to the popularity that this project has gained we will surely see more such houses from now on, as a lot of people has manifested interest to get their houses decorated in the same style.[ Yukiharu Suzuki & Associates ]


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