Bar code Building in Sankt Petersburg, Russia

Bar codes are a pretty common sight, as we can see them everywhere, on every product you buy in the store. But seeing this in the street in the shape of a building is rather unusual. However, there is a building in Russia, in the city of Sankt Petersburg that is called the Bar code building because … well, it looks like a product with a bar code on. This building was designed by Vitruvius and Sons and houses a shopping mall. And what could be more representative for a building where people do their shopping than a bar code?

The building is actually a colourful oasis in the middle of an ocean of dull grey communist buildings, looking all alike. It stands for freedom of expression, for the courage of showing exactly what you want. The building is coloured in fiery red and has its facade arranged so as to look like the bar code. The “code bars” are the dark windows and there are even the numbers that you can usually see on top of the bar codes – also windows – on the sixth floor.


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