Bangalore Taj Hotels- The Happening Landmark of the City

TAJ Hotels situated at Whitefield’s International Tech Park entrance in Bangalore, India, is an entry statement between the IT Park and the progressing city around it. It has pushed the limits of the hotel design to attend to the needs of the sensitive business traveler visiting Whitefield and has strengthened the hotel as a modern-day socio-cultural center for IT park and the IT-based population in that area.

The building adopts the area’s culture and climate.  Public and private spaces intertwine with culturally distinguishing nature that goes with the conventional Indian dance forms. The flawless experience suspends the borders between the inside and outside.

This cheers the informal exchanges between hotel guests and residents within its walkway. The ‘landscraper’ notion has helped to work on the height restrictions and site coverage.

The high site coverage was maximized by manipulating the ground plane of the site into a mobius strip, which forms the hotel’s platform.  The strip’s twist and fold extends the insight of the space.{ design by WOW Architects | Warner Wong Design and pictures by Aaron Pocock, Sebastian Zachariah, Harshan Thomson, Wong Chiu-Man ; )


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