Awesome Luxury Residence In Germany By C18 Architekten

An awesome luxury building that gives that radiant view of the plain savanna land across the open end of the balcony. This luxurious German building by C18 Architekten is a stand alone, with huge rooms for the kitchen, entertainment suit and the living room.

With a rectilinear proportionate view of the whole villa, the building’s frontage is graced with the presence of a rectangular swimming pool, that gives the limestone walls along side it a view of the reflection of its waters.

Uniquely placed on the outside of the entire buildings are curtains that run from wall to wall, which when revealed at the middle give the opening to the frontage of the house. This is a pure glass frontage that gives way to the gigantic living room area that consequently ushers in the kitchen, adorned with brass utensils. From inside, one can watch the plains of green summer grass through the horizon. { photos by Brigida Gonzalez }


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