Automated Underground Bike Storage With A Capacity Of 204 Bicycles

As you know, bicycles are a very popular form of transportation in Japan. That’s because it’s efficient and eco-friendly. It also takes less space when parked. Still, the space used for parking bikes remains large and could be used for something else so a very interesting and clever solution was found for this problem.

An underground bike park was built.Here they are all stored safely underground, protected from weather and thieves and they remain hidden while the space above is used for something else.

Called ECO Cycle, this underground bike storage system was designed by Giken. It’s automated and it can store up to 204 bicycles. Let’s see how it works. An IC tag found on the front frame of the bike is read automatically by the sensor and the Front Wheel Shutter opens. You place the front wheel into the open space, you step away and you press a button. The bike gets stored and the door closes.Then you can retrieve your bike in approximately 13 seconds.

The system is very efficient and it also has several other interesting specifications. For example, the underground storage space has earthquake-proof walls and the whole space is made of prefabricated materials. It has a depth of 11.65 meters. It’s much more space-efficient than a regular bike parking space simply because all the bikes are packed perfectly in a small space and everything is automated.{found on dannychoo}.

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