Australian Home Honors Nature By Letting A Huge Tree Pierce Through Its Structure

Not many houses love nature enough to let trees pierce heir roofs and floors.This spectacular residence is one of the exceptions. Located in the Vancluse suburb of Sydney, Australia, the classical home was given an extension by B.E. Architecture.

The existing structure was originally built using sandstone so, to make the extension contrast, the architects used light concrete, a material that has a less solid appearance and that also allows the tree to be the key feature of the design.

The two-storey extension also includes a covered exterior space which was literary built around a mature gum tree. The floor is covered with pale timber decking and has a hole for the trunk. The branches rise up through a rectangular indent in the concrete roof.

The extension was built on a steeply sloping site and includes an underground parking garage as well as a suspended pool, both built using thin concrete to avoid damaging the tree’s root system.

The ground floor and the deck feature dark timber columns that break up the floor-to-ceiling glazing and support the concrete roof. The lower level includes an open plan kitchen, a dining space and a living room. The space feature concrete flooring which continues outside.

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The first floor can be accessed via a curved staircase at the end of the entrance hall. It houses the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom and a covered balcony, a second bedroom and three additional rooms.

The upper level is wrapped in the branches of the tree and looks down to the roof of the covered deck and to the Sydney Harbor. The roof has a stone texture which lets it blend in and integrate the home into the surrounding environment.



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