Aspen residence at the limit between east and west

When you can’t seem to be able to make up your mind in terms of a favorite style, if you have contrasting preferences like say, east and west-inspired, giving up one of them is not the only option. you could very well chose them both and try to combine them into a harmonious composition. It’s what the owners of this beautiful residence in Aspen Highlands did and it worked wonderfully for them. Let’s take a closer look at their residence.

It’s a 10,000 square-foot, 4-story home that sits on 1/4 acre lot. Architect Rob Sinclair had to overcomes many challenges when designing this home. As principal of Robert G. Sinclair Architecture, he came up with a design of a floor plan that gradually rotates, level by level, adapting to the mountain slope. It was a bold but very good idea that worked out wonderfully. but the clients were also very specific about the views they wanted to be able to admire from their new home so that had to be taken care of too.

They also has specific requests regarding the style of the interior design. Interior designer Petra Richards of Denver-based Petra Richards Interiors had to face those challenges. The clients wanted a modern home that also has to incorporate the Adirondack style design guidelines for the master plan. They also wanted the modern house to incorporate some elements from the wife’s Malaysian heritage and a collection of fine Far Eastern Art and artifacts.

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Combining and incorporating all those requests into one uniform design wasn’t easy but in the end everything worked out perfectly. The house now looks like in the pictures. It’s a unique, original and very beautiful residence that also benefits from incredibly beautiful views.



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