Ashoka Canggu – a “V” Villa in Bali

Ashoka Canggu is a villa in Bali that combines the Scandinavian traditions with the openness and materials traditional to Bali. It has a “V” shape, the result of the site, surrounded by rice paddies, rain forest and a local holy path. The Danish based design studio Mencke & Vagnby made it as a summer residence for a Hong Kong based couple and its location is in the small Canggu village, near Denpasar. The ground floor reveals an open plan, in close contact with the garden, pools, and provides a scenic view over the west.

The surrounding wall of Balinese stone inside is the main structure; the stone floor changes the surface structure. What is impressive and inviting is the typical openness of the Balinese homes; the first floor box in white, concrete, reflecting the sunlight and providing shade for the ground floor includes the three master bedrooms.

The bathrooms were definitely inspired by caves and kept in a local stone with a large sky window over the shower and bathtub. The northwestern part of the site was turned into a long swimming pool; the garden seems to exist in order to make the flowers match the Balinese traditional color palette.

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There is a nice connection between the inner and outer space and in general, the use of lines and materials is stunning. The wide glass windows and doors provide a unique perspective over an enchanting green world. Statues’ presence can be felt both outside and inside; stonewalls are impressive and the furniture pieces and shades reveal a warm atmosphere that makes you feel at ease.{found on archdaily}.



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