Artistic home in the Azore

S. Michael Island, located in the Azore, is where this unusual, but very interesting house can be found. It’s the creation of Portuguese designer Bernardo Rodrigues. The curved lines create a very beautiful image that, when seen from far away, resembles the wings of a flying bird.

This private residence is a very beautiful, modern and stylish structure, one of the best when it comes to spending the holydays in an exotic location like the Azore. It has a modern design, with curved volumes and odd-shaped windows, but all the details contribute to the overall striking look. Since it’s located on an island, it’s natural to have to deal with a lot of rain and wind, and the curved and artistic wall was especially designed to protect against all these factors. The residence feature many glass walls that protect the inhabitants from all the rain and wind but still allow them to admire the amazing landscape.

The residence also includes a very beautiful roof terrace, perfect for relaxation. From there you can admire the shore and all the water and still feel safe and comfortable in your lounge chair. It mist be really great to own such a beautiful residence, especially one located in such an amazing place. The Azore is a very beautiful exotic location where it’s impossible not to feel good.

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