Architecture And Home Come Together In A Cantilever Villa

Villa S is the self-designed home of architect Todd Saunders of Saunders Architecture and is located in Flatanger, Norway. The residence was completed in 2015 and the architect and owner used every trick in the book to make it perfect. You can tell how stunning this cantilever house is just by looking at it.


The structure of the house is composed of three wood-clad elements. One of them is an imposing three story vertical tower and the other two are horizontal structures. The design is robust but graceful, with numerous covered terraces and porches that ensure the cohesion between the indoor and the outdoor spaces.


The only restriction the architect faced was that the house had to be less than 9 meters high so he came up with this design that allows the building to integrate into the surroundings. It’s oriented east-west and, even though it stands out, the house doesn’t show off. Its design also suits the climate, with numerous covered terraces that offer protection from the abundant rain.


Clad in black stained wood, the facade stands out and highlights the geometry of the building but, at the same time, keeps the design simple and elegant. As far as the interior structure goes, the 300 square meter floor plan is more complex than it seems.

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A concrete walkway leads to the front door and gradually reveals the imposing structure. A large horizontal beam forms the core of the house. The kitchen is placed at the center and a large utility area at one end. This raised level doubles as a carport below and a set of swings for the kids.


The elevated living spaces boost huge windows with exquisite views and partly covered terraces. The living area is 35 meters long and is the largest space in the house. A nine meter kitchen counter defines the space. A minimalist kitchen island occupies one end and the long room then continues with a dining area and a piano at the other end.



One portion of the kitchen island doubles as a bar. The large wooden floorboards link all the functions creating a cohesive look while each space has its own way of standing out, whether it’s through color, the use of eye-catching light fixtures or sophisticated simplicity. The space ends with a vintage piano complemented by a matching stool.



The ground floor contains a porch, a utility area and a playroom. A staircase leads to the main spaces on the second level and it has a simple but sculptural and carefully thought-out design. The opening are means to keep the décor open and the views unbroken even as one goes up the stairs.

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A moss green sofa with a bohemian design sits in front of a modern fireplace and a simple coffee table stands between them. This portion of the open floor plan is defined by a round and textures area rug and a unique combination of accent furniture pieces such as the armchair or the side tables.



Apart from the huge social area, the rest of the rooms are modest. The master bedroom is oriented to the west and has its own en-suite bathroom. The furniture here is simple and has a very peculiar style. In fact, most of the furniture and accessories used in the project was custom made from scratch. The residence has two more bedrooms and they’re just as modest and charming as this one.


All three bathrooms feature handmade ceramic tiles and simple but fresh interiors. They’re designed to maintain a sense of privacy inside but, at the same time, to communicate with the outdoors and to let in the light and the views. The bathrooms tiles are all white and they coordinate well with the décor without creating a cold and sterile ambiance.





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