Architectural masterpiece in North central Phoenix – simple yet extravagant

Located in Paradise Valley in North Central Phoenix, this house is a masterpiece of modern architecture. It was designed by George Christensen of Circle West Architects, famous for his spectacular creations. The location allows the residence to stand out even before you get to see it. The panoramic views of the desert are definitely an unusual sight.

The design is simple yet extravagant. The house is made of concrete, glass and steel, not an uncommon combination in modern architecture. It has floor-to-ceiling glass walls which form a transparent facade, connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces and allowing the desert to become a part of the décor without bringing in all the dust and the dry atmosphere. The interior is beautifully furnished and the house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms as well as a two-car garage and, of course, the spacious living areas.

The Desert House was completed in 2008 and it’s a wonderful family home. The combination of exquisite interior design and stunning views which take over the décor is absolutely beautiful. In addition, the luxurious interior makes it a wonderful place to live. There’s a very nice exotic hint which makes the house a one-of-a-kind creation.

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